Dr. Birgit U. Stetina

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profile.with.style1Clinical, Health and Forensic Psychologist

focusing on practice, research and teaching.


Dr. Stetina entered the scientific field as graduate student in Clinical Psychology and received her PhD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) degree (summa cum laude) at the University of Vienna. She holds an additional post graduate degree (summa cum laude) in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology.


The first 10 years of her career Dr. Stetina combined scientific and practice work with an emphasis in research. She set up the research and training practice at the Vienna Faculty of Psychology where she also worked with private patients. Life as researcher brought Dr. Stetina to many international places all around the world to conferences as presenter and to renown institutes to receive further education and training. In 2010 Dr. Stetina joined the international team at Webster University Vienna as Adjunct Professor and MA Coordinator. The following year 2011 was hallmarked by several months of commuting between Austria, the Netherlands and the USA. In 2012 Dr. Stetina finally returned to Vienna to settle down and setting up her practice work at Praxis Strudlhof.

For further development of evidence-based and scientifically proven treatments for her clients/patients and the next generation of clinical psychologist Dr. Stetina founded the Society of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Intervention research and the concurrent institutes in 2013.


Dr. Stetina uses a variety of methods from the spectrum of cognitive-behavioral techniques to help clients/patients achieve their goals. She offers prompt appointments for Psychotherapy and Counselling as well as for Assessment or Coaching and Training. For colleagues in the helping professions she offers Clinical Supervision. Settings include individual sessions and groups, both focusing on adults.


Memberships and Affiliations

Statutory register of Clinical Psychologists, Ministry of Health, Austria

Statutory register of Health Psychologists, Ministry of Health, Austria

American Psychological Association (APA)

Austrian Association of Psychologists (Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen – BÖP)

Austrian Society of Behavioral Therapy (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Verhaltenstherapie – ÖGVT)

International Society of Anthrozoology (ISAZ, Board of Directors)